The Women of Lockerbie

The Women of Lockerbie is a powerful dramatic piece telling the story of the bombing of Pan Am 103 over the small town of Lockerbie, Scotland. It was performed at St. Francis Borgia High School in January 2017. The lighting for this piece expresses the emotions of isolation, confusion, and helps bring seriousness to the topic of this tragedy and its grief. That low-level violet-blue light transforms into an orange and red sunrise, the dawning of a new day, expressing that even through grief- life goes on.

I am amazingly proud of this lighting design and its audience reaction (especially when it came to the first day of tech week.) However, the photos did not turn out too well, the camera used reacted very poorly to the low-level light. Here’s the best of what I have:

Entire Set ViewCandle1IsolationCandle2Confrontation 1Confrontation 2Crash BGPost-fight 1Post-fight 2Sunrise.

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